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Sunday Reflections

God be praised for another Lord’s Day!

I continued our journey in Genesis 12 during our morning Worship hour. 

Here’s the outline for the message. 

Title: Avoiding Life’s Faith Reversals

Text: Genesis 12:10-13

C.I.T. : Avoiding unnecessary detours in the walk of our faith toward God’s promise. 

I. The Shortest Route is Not Always the Best Way (Vs. 10a)

II. Detours that are Not Divine Lead to Longer Journeys (Vs. 10b)

III. Quit Thinking Just About Yourself (Vss. 12-13)

A. God Uses Reversals for our Good (Vss. 14-19) 

1. To Direct (Proverbs 20:30)

2. To Inspect (Job 1:21)

3. To Correct (James 1:2-3)

4. To Protect 

5. Perfect (Genesis 50:20)

B. God Uses Reversals for His glory (Vs. 20)

I believe God blessed to proclamation of His Word. Thankful for the two (2) who responded to the message. 

As I try to press through the difficulty of the arduant task of preaching, meeting deadlines, completing our 2016 Vision Plan and writing responsibilities, I solicit your prayers. 

Ultimately, I count it an honor that I am able to do what I enjoy the most…  How was your week?  Sunday?  Please share your thoughts here, share with others and subscribe. 

I hope and pray you have an awesome week!


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3 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections

  1. Vietta L. Pullam on said:

    I’m always blessed at reading what God has for His people by the preached word. Thank you for sharing. It is challenging and inspirational upon one’s life. Absolutely a God send. It found its mark. My week is going well. I pray yours is as well. Happy birthday AND congratulations to “my” boy Kaden. My love to you all! Momma

  2. Hey Craig,

    It is a joy reading your blog because as I read your reflections,, colleagues experiences, and reflect on my own journey as a father, husband, employee, and clergy… I realize that I am not insane. LOL. We all share many similarities, challenges, and celebrations in our callings. The last 2 weeks (since New Years), I have been praying and wrote a vision for our evangelism department in order to meet and develop a “strategic plan” inclusive of an accurate and realistic SWOT. Also, my wife and I have completed a workbook for The Book of Acts, which will be our bible study for this quarter ending 2 weeks before Easter. On yesterday, in addition to our 3 services, I preached at Campfield AME Church. The sermon of our discussion came from Genesis 24:17-20, titled “Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty”.
    I. Introduction
    A. Historical Reformation Pastors who went “Above and Beyond….” (Martin Luther and John Smyth)
    B. Historical African Pastors who went “Above and Beyond…” (Richard Allen and Martin Luther King)
    C. God has always called His leaders to go “Above and Beyond…”
    II. Exposition of Scripture (Rebekkah’s Life Changed because She Went Above and Beyond….)
    A. Rebekkah was a Hebrew
    B. She served the Servant
    C. She served the camels until they were full.
    D. Consequently, she was chosen to become Isaacs wife, and thus one of the great matriarchs to contribute to God’s Abrahamic covenants of greatness.
    III. Application (Our Lives can change if we observed Rebekkah’s Servanthood)
    A. Discuss the parts of a secular “Job Description”
    B. Fulfill God’s Work Description
    C. What’s the Difference Between a Job vs. A Work?
    D. What are the Blessings of “Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” in God’s Kingdom.
    IV. Gospel Message: Through Jesus’, God went “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” to Save Humanity
    A. God could have “clocked out” of His work on humanity after their disobedience in the OT…but He went “Above and Beyond….” and came to earth as Emmanuel (Jesus).
    B. Jesus could have “clocked out” after his miracles on earth teaching, healing, and discipling… but he went “Above and Beyond…..” and suffered, bled, died for our sins.
    C.Jesus could have “clocked out” after the grave; but he went “Above and Beyond…..” and rose from the dead, walked out of the grave, and empowered the Disciples.
    D. Then Jesus “clocked out”….and “clocked us in” to do the work…. and now we are called to do our work of making disciples and going “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty”
    And one of these days, Jesus will come back and compenssate us with additional benefits for going “Above and Beyond….”

  3. William L. Pullam on said:

    A great word Brother Pastor. Thank you for your great insight. God blessed our Sunday in a great way also. I was privileged to share from Psalm 40: 1-3. Subject: Rescued by Love. God truly blessed His word. Have a good one and continue to allow God to use you in His service. He has a mysterious way of navigating us through the mazes we often face in ministry.

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My thoughts. My reflections. My journey.... On pastoring, preaching, leading & learning.

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