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God’s Gratuity

Rev. Thgrace3omas Spurgeon was a 19th Century Reformed Baptist preacher, most notably known as one of the two non-identical twins of the great Rev. Charles Hadden Spurgeon. Following the death of C.H. Spurgeon, Thomas followed his father in the pulpit, pastoring there for about 15 years at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in London. A notable preacher in his own right, I came across some inspiring words about God’s grace. And while it is free, this in no way diminishes the eternal fact of how much it cost. Today, these words bless me, when I reflect on salvation, my eternal security, His pardon and God’s gift to me through Jesus Christ, and His love that held Him to that rugged cross.

Thomas Spurgeon said…

“Salvation by grace is appropriated by faith. Grace is the fountain, but faith is the channel. Grace is the life-line, but faith is the hand that clutches it. And, thoroughly and finally to exclude all boasting, it is declared that the salvation and the faith are both the gift Of God. ‘And that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.’ That salvation is God’s gift is evident. ‘The gift of God is eternal life through Christ.’ The free gift, The gift of grace, The gift of righteousness—these phrases determine the fact that salvation is itself a Divine present to man. ‘Salvation,’ cried C. H. Spurgeon in the great congregation, ‘is everything for nothing! Christ free!—Pardon free!—Heaven free!’ Thanks be to God for a gratuitous salvation!”


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My thoughts. My reflections. My journey.... On pastoring, preaching, leading & learning.

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